RuckZuck Professional

How to become a 'PRO' User

The only way to become a 'PRO' user is by contributing content in form of new packages, package updates or by providing feedback.

Tasks to do:

Benefits for 'PRO' Users

  • Access to all Package-Definitions
  • Access to the RuckZuck API (Web-Service)

OneGet examples

OneGet is part of Windows10. On Windows8.1 or Windows7, you have to install OneGet (e.g. with RuckZuck)
The RuckZuck provider for OneGet is a separate Package that must be installed after OneGet is installed. If you install the Provider with RuckZuck, it will also install the latest version of OneGet.

Search for Updates

Find all available updates for installed software

Find-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck -Updates

Search a Software in the repository

Find-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck -Contains "Zip"

to find a Software by Shortname, ProductName and Version

Find-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck "7-Zip"
Find-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck "7-Zip 16.04 (x64)"
Find-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck "7-Zip" -RequiredVersion "16.04"

Get all installed Software that RuckZuck has in it's repository

Get-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck

Install a Software

Install-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck "7-Zip"
Install-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck "7-Zip 16.04 (x64)" -SkipDependencies

Uninstall a Software

Node: Uninstall requires the ProductName and not the Shortname.

Uninstall-Package -ProviderName RuckZuck "7-Zip 16.04 (x64)"